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Beaver Swimming
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The State of the Beaver 2023

Seven Feathers Convention Center 146 Chief Miwaleta Ln., Canyonville, OR

The Path Forward -The focus of the 2023 conference will be on the future of beavers across the northern hemisphere and the best management strategies for both humans and beaver. Winds of Change - At no time in history has the plight of the beaver been so illuminated. Authors, filmmakers, and the media have shone the international spotlight upon an unlikely hero, the humble hardworking champion of our aquatic ecosystems.

The Beaver Bulletin Board promotes conservation events, with the goal of bringing them to a wider audience. Though we have a focus on beavers, we are also on the lookout for events relating to streams, wetlands, megafires, drought, permaculture, aquifers, and other interesting things.

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